Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pottermore Update

It’s been a while since I visited Pottermore. I stopped brewing and visiting Pottermore. As bad as it may sound to come out from a fan of Harry Potter, I’m still going to say it. I’M BORED. There. I said it. Finally. Now people are gonna hate me for it. There aren’t any changes or improvement at all. I think that the new stuff that ever happened during the whole time that I was in hiatus was them offering e-books.

I just think that the whole beta thing is taking so long that we (beta testers) can’t move on to the next book unless it’s open to the public. The worst part was that they kept on saying that it will open in this month and then it won’t and then they would announce again that the long wait is over, then it’s not gonna open again. I mean, come on. I can access the site but I still get pissed whenever they do that. How much more to those that have not won the Magic Quill Contest. I felt cheated. HAHAHA! That was a strong word. But uhm, yeah, I feel like they should figure out when the dates should really be and stick to it.

I have no doubt that they are doing the best that they can but I see no improvement. I still get the lousy “Pottermore is currently unavailable. Please come back later and try again”—the purple screen of death. UGH. And they said that they will be opening this early April. Hmm. I wonder when the next post will be saying that they have postponed giving access to other people.

Then I was worried that there will be a major catastrophe going on when the site goes public. They had a hard time letting people in before—beta time—how much more this April that there are billions of people who’ll probably be registering.

Let’s just hope for the best. Having said all that, I’m still grateful that they created Pottermore. And I know that they are doing the best that they can to improve it further. Just my two cents.

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