Monday, April 9, 2012

Hidden Objects in Pottermore Book One and Where to Find Them

I have completed the list of hidden objects that you can find in Pottermore book one. And they are as follows:

alarm clock - zoom once to have a clear view of harry's cupboard, hover your mouse on the lamp switcher to turn on the light; chapter 2 moment 1
where to find the alarm clock in pottermore
salt and pepper - on the table, middle right; chapter 3 moment 1 

where to find the salt and pepper in pottermore 
postcard - zoom once, on the refrigerator door; chapter 3 moment 1

 where to find the postcard in pottermore
hammer and nails - zoom all the way in, near the door; chapter 3 moment 1 
where to find the hammer and nails in pottermore
seashell - on the rock in left side of your screen; chapter 3, moment 2
 where to find the seashell in pottermore
seaweed - zoom all the way in-towards the hut, left side of the rock, below the house; chapter 3, moment 2 
where to find the seaweed in pottermore
candle - above the fireplace; chapter 4, moment 1
 where to find the candle in pottermore
cup - zoom once, it's beside the kettle near the fireplace; chapter 4, moment 2 
where to find the cup in pottermore
shopping list - lying on the pavement; chapter 5, moment 1
 where to find the shopping list in pottermore
vault key - enter the Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley, drag and drop the key on they keyhole to collect it; chapter 5, moment 2 
where to find the vault key in pottermore
brass scales - purchased in Diagon Alley 
where to find the brass scales in pottermore
brass telescope - purchased in Diagon Alley
where to find the brass telescope in pottermore
glass/crystal phials - purchased in Diagon Alley 
where to find the glass/crystal phials in pottermore
prefect badge - on satchel, left side; chapter 6, moment 1
 where to find the prefect badge in pottermore
Sprout Flavored Bertie Botts Beans - on the table-middle, chapter 6, moment 2 
where to find the Sprout Flavored Bertie Botts Beans in pottermore
rock cake - zoom once, it's on the table, chapter 8, moment 3 
where to find the rock cake in pottermore
Remembrall - zoom all the way towards Harry; chapter 9, moment 1
 where to find the Remembrall in pottermore
Golden Snitch - zoom in and then, well with me it keeps moving; chapter 11, moment 2
 how to get the Golden Snitch in pottermore
wizard chess set - click on the green package to the left of Harry to explode (middle-left of the screen); chapter 12, moment 2
 where to find the wizard chess set in pottermore
dragon's egg - in the fireplace; chapter 14, moment 2 
where to find the dragon's egg in pottermore
winged key - just move around screen and once your cursor changes, click to collect the winged key; chapter 16, moment 1
where to find the winged key in pottermore
how many books in pottermore how many chocolate frogs in pottermore
Note: Other objects found (books, chocolate frogs, etc.) are listed in another post. And there are  21 books, 11 Chocolate Frogs, and 15 books.
hidden objects in pottermore
For the chocolate frogs, click here.
To help you find hidden books in Pottermore, click here.
For the hidden potion ingredients, click here. 
how many books to collect in pottermore

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  1. You are amazing for writing these posts. Without your help, I don't think I could find these. Thank you so SO much! :D


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