Monday, April 9, 2012

Potion Ingredients and Where to Find Them

One type of the objects that you can find in Pottermore are the potion ingredients (my hidden objects are not yet done :P). As a Ravenclaw, I will help you in finding these ingredients :)

Wolfsbane -  near the barrel, left side; chapter 8 moment 3
and on the tree; can also be found at the bottom of the tree on chapter 15 moment 2

Dried Nettles - hagrid's roof, the green one; chapter 8 moment 3

Dried Billywig Stings - right of the window; chapter 8 moment 3

Jar of Eel's Eyes - zoom all the way, on the floor; chapter 9 moment 2

Horned Slugs - over the furthest sink; chapter 10 moment 3

Jar of Bat Spleens - left side of the floor; chapter 10 moment 3

Infusion of Wormwood - the green bottle; chapter 12 moment 2

Mistletoe Berries - right of the Christmas Tree; chapter 12 moment 2

Unicorn Blood - near the base of the tree, left side; chapter 15 moment 2

Leaping Toad Stool - near left tree, on the roots; chapter 15 moment 2

Bezoar - zoom all the way, right side of the cabinet, second shelf from the bottom; chapter 17 moment 2

Salamander Blood - zoom all the way, it's on the window sill, left side; chapter 17 moment 2

When I was still a noob to Pottermore, I used to buy a bezoar and it's for 10 GALLEONS but my fellow Ravenclaws (bless them) told me that some potion ingredients restores. Meaning, once you collected an ingredient and you've used it and then you ran out of it, you can collect it again from where you found it. I've only tried the bezoar and yes, it restored itself. :) And I think it applies to all the other potion ingredients that you can find inside Pottermore or the hidden potion ingredients. Valerian Sprigs, Unicorn Horn, ingredients like that need to be bought :)
hidden potion ingredients pottermore hidden objects in pottermore
For the hidden objects, click here.
To help you find hidden books in Pottermore, click here.
For the chocolate frogs, click here. 


  1. Thanks for your Info... it's really use. :D
    Hope Ravenclaw will win the House Cup!
    I have sent frend request to you


    1. You're welcome fellow raven! :) Cheers for the house cup!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Wow, thank you. I'm Ravenclaw too!
      Now I can brew more poisons :)


  3. Thank you so much for all the help. I'm a Hufflepuff but I humbly thank you. Do you know where to find Flobberworm Mucus? I know I've found it before but I can't seem to find it now.

    1. If it's not in the list, then you need to buy it. If you're running out of Galleions, ask for a help with your fellow Hufflepuffs :)

  4. thank goodness for this! a fellow ravenclaw here... truly intelligent wizard! yey -pumpkinpotion81

  5. Fellow Ravenclaw here! Valerian Sprigs doesn't have to be bought anymore! You can get them in Book 2, Chapter 6, Moment 2 in the greenhouses..


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