Sunday, April 21, 2013

CoS and House Cup on April 25! Mark Your Calendars!

These are the announcements in my notification page after almost a year of hiatus. Great. So house cup's nearing and CoS is ending. Aaargh! I'm still not over the second book. Gee. I'm sorry if no updates came through. I was busy making a living for myself.

And I think Slytherin's going to win. AGAIN.

So I'm going to play CoS for a while and update this blog hopefully later. Eek.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Gilderoy Lockhart

Outrageous book prices! I went shopping today at Diagon Alley to buy some books for my second year in Hogwarts and geee, all the books of Gilderoy Lockhart are sooo expensive. He must be fined for this one. My Galleons almost trimmed down! This is one form of injustice even in the Wizarding World! Education mustn't be expensive. :P

At Flourish and Blotts

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Second Year List of Books

Letter Cheat in Pottermore

If you want to get pass that wicked letter on your own (I've tried several times to get it right), STOP reading this post. BUT, if you so desperately wanted to pass that moment without the fuss, WELCOME! This is the right post for you. :)


Below is the order of the envelope.

De-gnoming the Weasley's Garden

Want to de-gnome the garden? The above image would be the instructions. You'll have around 90 seconds to throw gnomes out. You don't need to swing your mouse to swing the gnome; just click the head of the gnome that will appear on the bush and the rest will follow. 

I had a hard time realizing it but you need to throw the gnome to the RIGHT side. Bonus if you can throw it past the cut trunk. :)

Sample of the de-gnoming I did. :P

Keep that Pudding Floating!

The objective of the game is to keep the pudding in the air for 15 seconds, i think it's 14... Whatever. So yeah, keep clicking it and that's the only time you can continue to the next moment. Goodluck! :)

Hidden Objects in Pottermore Book Two and Where to Find Them

Since I'm only starting with the Chamber of Secrets, the following are just some of the list that I have found so far:

Hanging Flower - before entering the house of the Dursley's, click on the hanging flowera (i forgot what's it called), right corner of the screen; chapter 1 moment 1

Bertie Bott's Sprout Flavoured Bean - zoom once and head to the cupboard. Right in the middle the lower portion of it, you'll find a teensy dot; chapter 1 moment 1

Honey - zoom all the way. Find right at the top of Dudley's head; chapter 1 moment 1
Pruning Shears - zoom once, hover your mouse to the warehouse and you'll find the object right in the middle of the shelf; chapter 1 moment 2

Dried Nettles - zoom all the way, on the top of the wheelbarrow; chapter 1 moment 2

Rose Thorns - zoom all the way, left side of the flower bush; chapter 1 moment 2

To find the eyes, hover your mouse to the small black gap, left side of the tree trunk. Just trace the line of the rose bush and you'll find it. :)

Bertie Bott's Sugared Violet Flavoured Bean - zoom once, near the pillow space in Harry's bed; chapter 2 moment 1

Chapter 2 moment 2 is one of the most interactive things so far. Click here for more details.

Bertie Bott's Pepper Flavoured Bean - zoom out once, in the left side of the bed; chapter 3 moment 1

Bertie Bott's Toast Flavoured Bean - zoom out once, click the lamp near the stumbled chair, you'll find it near the leg of the chair; chapter 3 moment 1
Bertie Bott's Chocolate Flavoured Bean - zoom out once, left shoe of harry; chapter 3 moment 1

Bertie Bott's Baked Flavoured Bean - zoom out once, right top of the screen, you'll find a shelf; chapter 3 moment 1

Horklump Juice - zoom all the way (since I can't seem to find any interaction in before doing that); find the little violet stuff on the left side of the Weasley's house - it's in there garden; chapter 3 moment 2

Chapter 3 moment 3 is the de-gnoming of the Weasley's Garden. It's waaay fun than the pudding. Trust me!

For the information on the order of the letters, click here.

Brownish book - top of the fireplace, the position is inclined; chapter 4 moment 2

Dark brown book with an emerald-like shape in the book spine - top right of the fireplace; chapter 4 moment 2

Blue book - directly at the top of the fire; chapter 4 moment 2

Fire tongs - near the HUGE cauldron, left side of it

Key - directly at the top of the fire tongs

Floo Powder - on the left side of the shelf with books (that's still at the top of the fireplace), find the pot then drag a handful of ash and put it on the fire

Mask - zoom once, find the goblin like face in the left side of the screen - hanged, chapter 4 moment 2

Dragon Liver - zoom all teh way, the flask at the right side of the display window, at the top of the moving hand; chapter 4 moment 2

Slimy Seaweed - left side inside the basket carried by a witch with a violet cloak; chapter 4 moment 3

Hairpin - hover your mouse to the braided hair of a woman wearing a blue cloak; chapter 4 moment 3

Magical Me - on the display, the book with a man in a violet robe; chapter 4 moment 4

Bookzoom all the way, afloat near Gilderoy Lockhart; chapter 4 moment 4

That's all for now. :)

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