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Galleons in Pottermore Book 1 and Where to Find Them

Image by PotterWikki
Some of the Potterheads from my house said that once you ran out of Galleons—from constant buying of potion ingredients or equipments (telescope, brass scale, etc.), they will regenerate, much like the other potion ingredients that you can collect throughout the whole book one. I’m not sure though how accurate this information is since I still have around 300+ Galleons. I try not to spend that much galleon because there is no assurance if Pottermore will still give you that same amount in the next book. According to some, Pottermore will give you 500 Galleons when it opens its second book. Yet, no word of it can be found on the Pottermore Terms and Conditions.  So, yeah. Just be careful AND be RESOURCEFUL. A lot of potterheads are not that active so they tend to just buy stuffs and give it away to those who will really brew potions. Of course, it’ll help if you give it to your own house. But be warned: Do not cheat. Do not create another account just so you can give your galleons—in the form of potion ingredients—to the house you’re most loyal with. I just feel like in the spirit of fairness, we should all abide by the things that we were given. Let me tell you a little trivia.

I have read all the books of HP and if you do too, you will know how JK built the reputation of Gryffindor. Slytherin chooses pureblood, they are brave but up to a certain point—they’ll save themselves if it will ever comes to that, and they tend to practice evil magic; Ravenclaw chooses smart witches and wizards, values fairness, snobbish or some would say know-it-all; Hufflepuffs chooses those who chooses them, they don’t have the same qualifications as the other three and they love all the magical folks (reason for them to be viewed as the lowest of the three houses) and Gryffindor, the mighty Gryffindor, brave to the point of being heroic, will stand up behind his friends, crowd favorite, tends to disregard rules and I think JK somehow added the ingenious quality along the way. When I was reading the first HP book at the age of 11, I unconsciously was favoring Gryffindor to be my house. And as a result, I was totally disappointed to be put in Ravenclaw. But along the way, I realized how lucky I was to be in that house. Everybody is so kind and they’re helping each other and I dunno, I feel like I truly belong. :)

Chapter 7, moment 1 near the railing on the 4th step up on the staircase
Chapter 8, moment 1 on the railing (staircase)
Chapter 9, moment 2 inside the second suit of armor’s helmet, zoom in once
Chapter 10, moment 1 just open the third drawer, right side
Chapter 10, moment 2 on the right side of the desk, zoom in once
Chapter 11, moment1 left windowsill, zoom in once
Chapter 12, moment2 left of the cracker on the table, zoom in once
Chapter 12, moment 2 right side of harry’s arm in the mirror of erised, zoom all the way
Chapter 13, moment 2 beside the second brush on the left
Chapter 14, moment 3 the door to the left
Chapter 15, moment 1 right of the quill on the desk
Chapter 17, moment 3 in the center of the hallway

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