Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pottermore Suggestions

After the successful launch (I hope) of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, billions of fans are now waiting intently for the opening of Chamber of Secret. How soon? No one knew. But I’m really crossing my fingers that it’ll be SOON. Now I haven’t been visiting Pottermore that much nowadays as work and other stuffs are preoccupying my already busy life. Tehe. But I know that there are still improvements that we, as fans, are really trying to get across the JK and Pottermore developers.

Have you tried using the feedback form as identified in the Pottermore Insider? I know I did. I mean, it’s one of the things that we can tell JK that we fully support her and Pottermore. But at the same time, it’s also a way for us to suggest the good stuffs (especially the beta users) that the fans would want to see in the site. SO, if you haven’t participated in the survey, go here.

Now, of course, there are still things that you can’t completely put in there; suggestions that you just now realized, and pointers that you wanted to get the developers know. What do you want to improve in Pottermore, really? Here are my lucky 7 suggestions:

The first thing that I came across with was that portion where you register your account, or make an account for that matter. The part where you check the books that you read and movies that you watched. Yeah, that one. Unfortunately, as I was so excited in exploring the site, I overlooked the check box where I can affirmed that I have read and watched all the HP books and movies. DUH. And now I can’t edit it. :( I feel like a total loser for doing that. I mean, it’s shameful. No really. :P

Second would be to create your own avatar. Is it just me or did they changed that already? I’ve seen avatars from the latest users and they have different avatars than the beta testers. I wish we could customize them. OR if not, they can just make a lot of images that we can choose from to be our avatars. That’ll be fun.

I’m also waiting for that they that they will shorten the time of brewing potions. Or at least we’ll have an array of potions that the usual Herbicide, Wideye Awakening, etc. Although that part will be imminent once they open CoS. Ohhh! Can’t wait!

More Galleons please! Need I say more?

Quidditch-we-wanna-play. And MORE games. Mini games or anything. Just so we’re not stuck in brewing and dueling, RIGHT?

One of the most important things that they need to repair is the bugs, glitches, et cetera. Whatever you wanna call it. It’s like ruining a good ingredient for a lousy algorithm. Such a waste of Galleons.

And lastly, I wish to experience Pottermore in 3D. Have you played a game in other HP releases (not sure if they are authorized or not but it’s pretty good but I forgot what it’s called) where you can play as Harry and find Galleons along the castle. You get to fight the big plants and jump across the stairs of the Great Hall, get to visit the lair of Aragog, fight his sons and daughters and do magic in a 3D way. Have you played that? Pottermore would be soooo cool if they’d do something like it.

What’s yours?

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